Fix: Unfortunately, maps has stopped error

As great an Operating System as Android is, it is full of its own unique flaws. One of the most aggravating and common flaws that the Android OS has is the fact that Android applications are quite prone to force-closing, upon which they display the “Unfortunately, (name of app) has stopped unexpectedly” error.

No application is safe from this error, not even applications such as Maps that have been developed by Google itself. Maps is quite a useful app, which is why having it force-close after every 5 seconds of activity can be extremely troublesome.

The following are the three solutions that have proven to work against the “Unfortunately, Maps has stopped” error:

Solution 1: Uninstall the updates of the Maps app

Since Maps is a system app, uninstalling and reinstalling it is entirely out of the question. However, what a person can do is uninstall all of the updates for the app and then allow the app to build itself back up from scratch.

1. Go to Settings.

maps has stopped1

2. Locate and open the device’s Application Manager.

maps has stopped 2

3. Keep going down the list until the Maps application appears. Tap on the Maps app.

maps has stopped3

4. Tap on Uninstall updates.

maps has stopped4

5. Confirm the action.

maps has stopped5

6. Open the Maps app and allow it to reinstall all of the updates.

Solution 2: Free space on the device’s RAM

Freeing space on an Android device’s RAM can give applications more room on the device’s Random Access Memory to work with, effectively decreasing the chances of any app crashing.

1. Head to the RAM Manager that is present on all Android devices out of the box, although it varies from one device to the other.

maps has stopped6

2. Look for and tap on an option along the lines of Clear memory or Clear RAM.

maps has stopped7

Solution 3: Clear the cache and data for the Maps app

1. Repeat the first three steps from Solution 1.

maps has stopped8

maps has stopped9

maps has stopped10

2. Tap on Force stop and confirm the action.

maps has stopped11

3. Clear the cache for the Maps app by tapping on the Clear cache

maps has stopped12

4. Press Clear data and then confirm the action.

maps has stopped13

maps has stopped14

5. Close the Settings app and run the Maps app.

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Fix: Unfortunately, maps has stopped error

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