FIX: Unfortunately google search has stopped

The “Unfortunately google search has stopped” error can arise all of a sudden on your mobile via a pop-up and cause the application that you are currently using to crash. For different users, the period after which the error keeps on reappearing is different. This can be caused on a phone which has been in use for a long time (over a year) in which case this is a cache/memory related issue, but we have also seen cases where this error has indeed arose for people with considerably newer phones.

Most of the time, this isn’t a serious problem and is caused when the Google search engine fails to start in the background (it has to keep running most of the time) of your smartphone. This can often be solved by clearing the data of the application from the settings menu which we will be talking about in detail below.


We recommend trying the first method first as it has worked for most of the users but if somehow you fail to use it to your benefit, don’t bother trying out the second one too:

Method 1: Clear App Data

In the first method, we will be clearing the App data of the pertinent application:

Go to the Settings menu on your device.

Now go to Application manager or

Scroll to the right till you find ALL written above the list of applications.

Now scroll down till you find Google Search. Click on it.

Now click on Clear Data.

Turn your phone

Turn it back

Didn’t work? Don’t worry and read ahead.

Method 2: Uncheck Google Voice

If you are one of the few people for whom the method above didn’t work, don’t worry and try out these steps below:

Go into the Settings on your phone.

Now enter the Languages or the Language and input

Keyboard and Input Settings

Under Keyboard and Input Settings, Disable Google Voice or Google Voice Typing by unchecking it, and put a check on Android Keyboard. Restart your device.

Keyboard and Input Settings1

You should no longer have to see the error!

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FIX: Unfortunately google search has stopped

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