Unannounced AMD Radeon RX 5300XT With 4GB VRAM Spotted in HP Desktop Listings

The first batch of Navi cards are in the market. These cards are based on AMD’s new RDNA architecture which, according to AMD, is the first graphics architecture that is scalable. The AMD Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700XT are the mid-range graphics cards.

Now that these graphics cards are available for the public from AMD and its OEM partners are starting productions. A new graphics card based on the RDNA technology is leaked via computerbase. According to the site, AMD RX 5300XT graphics card just appeared for the HP desktop computers. The AMD Radeon RX 5300XT would be the latest release under AMD’s new architecture. These computers are available to purchase via alternate.de with shipping possible in early October. It should be noted that AMD hasn’t even announced the graphics card in question.

HP desktop via alternate.de

It is not the first set of information regarding the entry-level Navi graphics card; several other rumors point in the same direction too. Since the HP desktop computers are listed for shipping in early October, the launch date of the RX 5300XT must be very near. The listing only suggests the specifications of the OEM specific hardware the retail version may feature different feature and specifications.

According to the listing, the RX 5300XT will be the first graphics card in the lineup having GDDR5 memory. Since its only entry-level hardware, we can expect a 128-bit bus. The GPU present in the graphics cards could either be the Navi 14 or Navi 12. Earlier leaks suggest that the Navi 14 GPU with 4GB video memory surpassed RX 570 graphics card. The RX 5300XT will replace the RX 550, so it may possess the Navi 12 die.

Power dissipation is one of the main concerns regarding AMD hardware. That is the reason why even the lower tier cards require a power connector. The power dissipation problem is mainly attributed to the GCN architecture. With the new architecture, the problem may subside. So we expect a 75 Watt TDP with no power connector. It will get the required juice from the PCIe port. Lastly, the release date of the card is not yet announced.

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Unannounced AMD Radeon RX 5300XT With 4GB VRAM Spotted in HP Desktop Listings

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