Rainbow Six Siege’s New “Bug Hunter Program” Rewards Players for Reporting Issues

Last year, Ubisoft introduced R6Fix, a service which allows Rainbow Six Siege players to report bugs. In an effort to tackle bugs and other issues, the developer has started a new initiative. The new Bug Hunter Program for the game is now live, and offers cosmetic rewards to players who help improve Rainbow Six Siege.

Bug Hunter Program

With R6Fix racking up over 7,000 bug reports in one year, Ubisoft’s Bug Hunter Program aims to increase that number. To be eligible for the program, players will need to report any issues they encounter while playing on the Rainbow Six Siege test servers. Once the developers receive and verify the report, they will mark your contribution as acknowledged.

“All issues need to be in English, clearly stated and with visual evidence, either a screenshot or a video that clearly shows the problem,” explains Ubisoft. “Only the first person to report the acknowledged bug will receive credit towards the rewards.”

Players may submit bug reports via the R6Fix portal. Note that only the first player to report a certain issue will be acknowledged. Any following duplicate reports regarding the same issue will be discarded and will not qualify you for the rewards.

Speaking of the rewards, Ubisoft is immortalizing one of Rainbow Six Siege’s oldest bugs: Raptor Legs. The harmless yet hilarious bug rose to fame in the early days of the game.

Raptor Legs
Raptor Legs

Contributors who have three or more reports marked as acknowledged will be entitled to receive the raptor legs in-game charm. The new cosmetic item is basically a Frost chibi modified to feature raptor legs. The rewards will be handed out every other friday.

Raptor Legs Charm
Raptor Legs Charm

The new program is live now and all players with access to the Rainbow Six Siege test servers can take part. Ubisoft says the Bug Hunter Program will remain active until further notice, and that more rewards will be added in the future.

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