Ubisoft+ Gets a Reworked Logo, Is Launching Soon for Xbox Game Pass

It was a while ago that Ubisoft Netherlands posted some information in regards to incorporating Ubisoft+ into Xbox Game Pass on their Instagram page. Although it could have been a misunderstanding, new information has surfaced that apparently indicates that Ubisoft+ may soon launch on Xbox.

Ubisoft+ Coming to Xbox Game Pass

It was announced that Ubisoft+ might be coming to Xbox sometime in January. The game subscription service is currently a PC-exclusive platform that allows players to enjoy hundreds of old and new games from Ubisoft’s extensive list. A new logo was found by ALumia_italia that could suggest that the platform is coming to Xbox. Maybe Ubisoft is refreshing its subscription service’s logo for new beginnings? 

It shares the same bells and whistles as EA Play which was also swallowed up by Xbox Game Pass. It’s possible that Ubisoft+ might be incorporated as a premium for Xbox’s Game Pass Ultimate.

EA Play also offers users a PC platform, which offers users new 60-dollar titles for free as a part of the subscription service.

The game subscription service was initially launched back on PC in September 2019 under a much different name, Uplay+. The service offers numerous titles as well as DLC at launch for just 14.99 Dollars a month. The Senior VP of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, Chris Early had this to say at the time the service was announced.

“We will offer the Ubisoft+ subscription service to Xbox owners so that they can enjoy the full extent of our Ubisoft+ game library, including new releases, on their consoles,” – Chris Early

Ubisoft+ currently offers a wide selection of classic titles similar to what PlayStation Plus does. But it’s weird to note how Ubisoft+ would work as a part of Xbox Game Pass considering their business model.

If Xbox’s Game Pass Ultimate offers the game subscription service, then would players need to pay an added premium to access classic titles? It’s confusing how Ubisoft will incorporate the platform onto another platform.

We hope we get the full Ubisoft library available on PC for the measly 14-dollar price tag of the Game Pass Ultimate. So far, that’s all the information we got to share. We’ll further update you as we get access as more information surfaces.

Moreover, new developments are headed toward the gaming industry as it appears Tencent is eager to obtain a stake in Ubisoft. According to Reuter, China’s game giant, which also owns Riot Games and PUBG, is looking forward to obtain a larger stake in the company and has made moves to reach out to the French Firm’s founding family, Guillemot, and expressed to increase their share in the firm.

It’s still unclear how much more of the company Tencent is willing to purchase as Ubisoft is currently valued at around 5.3 billion dollars.

So, is Ubisoft becoming a part of Xbox Game Pass? Hopefully so but we clearly don’t know when. And that’s it for today on Appuals. Stay tuned for more next time cause we upload every day. Till then, see you later and goodbye. This is Naseer signing out.


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