Ubisoft Testing Major Changes to Eight Rainbow Six Siege Operators

The latest update to Rainbow Six Siege’s test server delivers buffs and nerfs to eight operators. The changes range from minor ones such as recoil changes, to major ones like the removal of gun sights.


With test server update 4.3, Maestro is now the fifth Rainbow Six Siege operator to lose access to the ACOG. Ubisoft believes that the ALDA light machine gun is powerful even without the ACOG”, so they want to know if its “removal will highlight its other great qualities.”


To address his high ban rate in ranked, Ubisoft is nerfing the Japanese defender in two ways. First, his Yokai drones now produce colored lights when not cloaked. Second, Echo’s immunity to Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb has now been removed. Now, if Dokkaebi hacks the defenders’ observation tools, all attackers will have access to the Yokai drone feed.

Ubisoft hopes that these new counter-play and counter-intel options” will make it less “frustrating” to play against Echo.


Ela is an operator who has been on a roller coaster ride of balancing changes. Upon release, her Scorpion Evo3 submachine gun was the strongest in the game. After a series of nerfs, the primary weapon now boasts one of the worst recoil patterns in the game.

Patch 4.3 reduces the recoil for the Scorpion Evo3 on its first 16 shots. This change will give the gun less of a learning barrier while still maintaining Ela’s balance.”


One of Rainbow Six Siege’s most controversial operators, Blackbeard is finally receiving a buff. The ADS penalty applied to Blackbeard’s assault rifles will now only come into effect when the Gun Shield is equipped.


Due to her gadget’s nature, Ying is an extremely inconsistent operator. In order to lessen the Candela’s unpredictability, Ubisoft has improved the distribution of the cluster flashes. The number of pellets per Candela has also increased from 6 to 7. In addition, thrown Candelas now have a white outline visible only to Ying.

These changes will hopefully make Ying more “reliable”, “consistent”, and “readable”.

The rest of the patch makes minor changes to Jager, Finka, Nokk, and Smoke. Jager’s 416-C damage has been reduced from 43 to 38. Finka’s Spear .308 now deals an increased 42 damage per shot, and the FMG-9’s damage has also been upped to 34.

Patch 4.3 is live now on the Rainbow Six Siege test servers. As always, none of these changes are final and have no guaranteed impact on the live build.

Farhan Ali
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