Ubisoft Teams With Mozilla to Develop Clever-Commit, an AI Coding Assistant Designed to Fix Bugs

Ubisoft and Mozilla have just announced the start of a partnership that aims to further develop the Clever-Commit. Mozilla’s three-year long partnership with the France-based gaming giant sees both parties pool their resources to improve the AI coding assistant. After making its debut last year, Clever-Commit is being put to the test by Ubisoft developers working on a two titles.


The AI coding assistant was created as a collaboration project between Concordia University and the Ubisoft La Forge research branch. The AI tool aims to improve games by helping developers swiftly identify and fix bugs. Clever-Commit learns from previous bugs and fixes and “evaluates whether or not a code change will introduce a new bug”. As a result of this technology, developers don’t spend as much time searching through code to find and eliminate bugs.

“Working with Mozilla on Clever-Commit allows us to support other programming languages and increase the overall performances of the technology,” says Ubisoft Montreal’s Mathieu Nayrolles. “Using this tech in our games and in Firefox will allow developers to be more productive, as they can spend more time creating the next feature rather than fixing bugs. Ultimately, this will allow us to create even better experiences for our gamers and increase the frequency of our releases.”

Apart from benefiting game developers, the partnership will also aid Mozilla in their development of the Firebox browser. Furthermore, the larger playground will allow Clever-Commit to expand its knowledge by learning about other programming languages.

As mentioned before, Clever-Commit has begun to make itself useful to game developers. Ubisoft developers have implemented the AI tech into their development of Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor. In its current state, Clever-Commit has a success rate of 70% when scanning a code for bugs. As the assistant continues to be worked on, Ubisoft will slowly begin integrating it into other titles.

“Thanks to Clever-Commit, Firefox users will get to use even more stable versions of Firefox and have even better browsing experiences,” reads Mozilla’s recent blog post.

Similarly, Mozilla will start using the tool for coding and testing purposes. Needless to say, this partnership means great things for both parties.

Farhan Ali
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Ubisoft Teams With Mozilla to Develop Clever-Commit, an AI Coding Assistant Designed to Fix Bugs

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