Ubisoft suspended over 1300 boosted Rainbow Six Siege players in one week

Since the dawn of FPS gaming, cheaters have been a problem in nearly every competitive game. Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has been suffering from an infestation of cheaters for a long time. While the developers work to update their BattlEye anti-cheat regularly, there are some people who find a way around it. The term ‘boosting’ means when a player, a cheater in this case, queues alongside another player in order to win games and boost their rank or ELO rating. A while ago, Ubisoft stated that it will be upping their game and start taking action against both cheaters and the players who were boosted.

Today, Ubisoft shared with the community a status report of their steps regarding anti-cheat. In one week, the developers have suspended approximately 1300 players who have been boosted by a cheater. While it isn’t a permanent ban, they have been suspended for 15 days and will “not benefit from their illicit activities come the end of the Season.” This means that Ubisoft is working on ways to remove the ranks and rewards that were earned via illegal means.

This action will not only make the efforts of the boosters worthless, but all players that were in a match with a cheater will be compensated for their MMR gain or loss. As you have probably guessed, accomplishing such a task in a game with a huge playerbase will be exceptionally challenging. Ubisoft describes these temporary bans as a “stop-gap” while they work on finding and implementing a permanent solution.

The anti-cheat update log from last week stated that Ubisoft’s primary focus is on requiring all PC players to enable Two Factor Authentication in order to play Ranked. Today’s log says that they are continuing to make progress regarding this task. Ubisoft estimates that this feature will be implemented during Season 3.

Farhan Ali
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