Ubisoft Offers Free Rainbow Six Siege Showdown Pack After Confusion Over One Event Challenge

In a rare show of generosity the French developer has somewhat reimbursed players for the issues they encountered.

In light of the confusion caused by the return of Rainbow Six Siege’s limited-time mode Showdown, Ubisoft has offered a Showdown pack to its players as a peace offering. The cause? A particular challenge that initially included what looked like a Showdown pack.

Named the “New Sheriff in Town” challenge, it asked players for 10 eliminations for what looked like a Showdown pack as a reward. As it turns out, it was actually for a weapon charm made to look like a Showdown pack.

Ubisoft has since corrected this miscommunication with its players through a tweet. Players who are able to log in before the event ends, September 28th, 1 PM EST will be able to claim their reward. Props to Ubisoft for figuring out the easiest way to appease their fervent fanbase, all the while encouraging people to actually log-in and participate in the event.

The Showdown event basically introduces players to a limited-time, wild west themed 3 v 3 mode. Players are assigned to be either defenders (called the “Law”) or attackers (named the “Graveltop Gang”). The pool of operators are made up of Maverick, Ash, Twitch, Capitao, and Glaz for the defenders and Alibi, Kaid, Caveira, Maestro, and Rook for the attackers. The battle takes place on the Fort Truth map with its participants equipped only with a limited HUD, the BOSG 12.2 shotgun or the LFP586 revolver.


Kenneth Araullo

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