[Updated] Ubisoft+ Subscription Service Could Be Joining Xbox Game Pass “Soon”

Update: Ubisoft Netherlands has provided clarification on the matter by stating that Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox consoles at some point in the future, but nothing is yet known about it becoming a part of Game Pass. Ubisoft Netherlands said this replying to the same comment curious about whether the service would be integrating with Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Ubisoft Netherlands via Instagram

Ubisoft Netherlands has since deleted their original reply from the thread and also apologized for any confusion caused by this incident.

Xbox Game Pass, arguably the best gaming subscription out there, and some may even say one of the best subscription services, period, is about to bolster its lineup in a major way. If current rumors are to be believed, Ubisoft+, the company’s premier subscription service offering more than 100 games, could soon merge with Xbox Game Pass and be offered as part of Microsoft’s leading gaming service.

Ubisoft+ is currently only available on PC and includes a catalogue of over 100 games, both recent and classics, from Ubisoft’s extensive portfolio of titles. It’s quite similar to EA Play, another subscription service from a major studio that gives you access to their lineup of diverse titles. Interestingly, EA Play is currently a part of Xbox Game Pass, which means a Game Pass Ultimate subscription lends you access to EA Play as well.

Xbox Game Pass x EA Play | Microsoft via The Verge

It’s been known for some time now through official channels that Ubisoft is planning to bring Ubisoft+ to consoles, starting with the Xbox One. Now, it seems like that vision might finally transform into a reality in the shape of a new partnership with Microsoft that involves making Ubisoft+ a part of Xbox Game Pass. If this rumor does materialize, it could increase the already-impressive value proposition of Game Pass to unprecedented levels.

But where is this all coming from? Well, you’d be surprised to know that this “news” is actually coming from Ubisoft themselves, technically. Ubisoft Netherlands recently posted a pictureon their Instagram account promoting Ubisoft+. Seeing the similarities between Ubisoft’s offering and Game Pass, one keen fan commented asking whether Ubisoft+ would become a part of Xbox Game Pass, and the Ubisoft Netherlands account replied with “Soon!“.

The comment where Ubisoft seemingly leaked Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox Game Pass with their reply saying “Soon” | Ubisoft Netherlands via Instagram

Now, that’s about as direct of a confirmation as one can get, but keep in mind that this was a regional account not based around the English language so this could very well be constituted to a communication error, or a simple misunderstanding. Hence, take this information with a grain of salt and don’t start jumping in excitement right away (though a little bit of screeching is permissible).

But it does make sense for Microsoft to swallow Ubisoft+ under its belt and make it part of Game Pass, considering how the company has already done so with EA. It would even fit Microsoft’s new vision of gaming anywhere, anytime, on any platform by allowing a plethora of titles to be available under one roof. By that strategy, Microsoft would effectively turn Game Pass into an all-encompassing destination for games of all kinds from multiple developers around the world.

As I mentioned before, if this is somehow true and Ubisoft+ turns out to be the next big upgrade for Game Pass, it would seriously improve the overall value of the service to even greater heights. In the wake of Sony’s all-new PlayStation Plus, a move like this could be just the thing to stir away the attention from PlayStation and remind people of who’s the real value champ of the gaming services market. 


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