Ubisoft Overhauls Rainbow Six Siege Editions, Removes Starter Edition

To celebrate the launch of year four, Ubisoft is overhauling the Rainbow Six Siege editions. Starting today, the Starter Edition will be replaced with a new entry base game priced at $20. All owners of the Starter Edition have been upgraded to the new base version for free.

Starter Edition Removed

When it first launched in year two, Rainbow Six Siege’s Starter Edition gave users inexpensive access to the game. While it was quite cheap, only $15 compared to the base $50, Starter Edition marginally raised the renown cost of the base operators.

Starter Edition’s replacement, which is simply called Rainbow Six Siege, is now available to purchase for $15. The renown cost to unlock each operator has been tremendously lowered, saving players “up to 150 hours of gameplay” per operator.

Premium Editions

Furthermore, all premium editions of Rainbow Six Siege have been upgraded. The Gold edition now features an expanded roster with eight year one DLC operators. Additionally, the recently released year four pass will also be part of the deal. If you don’t want to spend extra for the season pass, you can simply grab the new Deluxe edition.

Moreover, the Complete edition has been replaced by the Ultimate edition. Priced at a hefty $95, this version of Rainbow Six Siege unlocks all operators and the year four pass. Fortunately, an ongoing introductory sale has slashed the prices of all versions by 60%.

To sum it up, starter edition is gone, and the insanely-high 12,500 renown per operator cost goes with it. The updated premium editions of the game gives buyers access to some or all of the DLC operators. The year four pass, which comes with the Gold and Ultimate editions, grants you early access to all eight Year 4 Operators, 600 Renown, a 10% shop discount, and more. Furthermore, purchasing before March 4th will reward you with a unique Lava weapon skin and charm.


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