Ubisoft Is Already Buffing One Of Rainbow Six Siege’s Newest Operators

With the release of Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operation right around the corner, developer Ubisoft has shared the reasoning behind some of the upcoming balancing changes. The pre-season designer’s notes blog post for operation Ember Rise details a major buff for Warden, an operator that was just added to the game.


Among an array of balancing changes, the recently-introduced Secret Service is getting a major buff. Specifically, Warden’s glasses are being improved so the operator will have “more mobility” and should feel a bit more “powerful”.

The changes mainly revolve around the movement debuff applied to Warden’s vision when he is moving. Previously, even a couple of steps would completely eliminate the operator’s ability to see through smoke. Now, the penalty applied when moving and changing posture have been reduced. Additionally, rotating the character while the ability is active will not penalize smoke vision.

Most of these changes are similar to what the sniper-wielding attacker Glaz saw with a recent update. While they’re all certainly great improvements, it’s hard to say whether they will increase Warden’s pick rate.

Other notable balance changes include a significant nerf to shield operators, who will now ADS 50% slower than before. In addition, Fuze has seen a slight reduction in the time taken to deploy his cluster charge.

“Fuze’s ability is very risky to use, especially on windows,” writes Ubisoft. “With an improved deployment speed, his gadget should be safer to use and more likely to surprise an unsuspecting enemy. Our goal here is to try to find a way to increase Fuze’s attractiveness and boost his pick rate.”

In addition to the balance changes, both the defuser plant and deactivation time has been increased to 7 seconds. This value is currently what is used in Rainbow Six Siege’s pro league settings, and Ubisoft says:

“Planting or deactivating a bomb defuser proved to be too short. To try and reward effective control over a bombsite more fairly we have decided to increase the planting or the defusing of the device to 7 seconds.”

All of these changes will launch alongside the new operators, Goyo and Amaru, when Operation Ember Rise launches. Ubisoft is yet to share an exact release date, but expect to see the new season go live very soon.

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Ubisoft Is Already Buffing One Of Rainbow Six Siege’s Newest Operators

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