Ubisoft Developer Explains Why Rainbow Six Siege Isn’t Adding New Weapons

Last night during the Raleigh Majors in North Carolina, Ubisoft hosted a full reveal panel detailing Rainbow Six Siege’s next season. Leading two new Mexican and Peruvian operators to a reworked Kanal, Operation Ember Rise is the game’s second consecutive season to reuse weapons. Although they use unique primary gadgets, both Amaru and Goyo feature a loadout with no new weapons.

The current Operation Phantom Sight was the first season to reuse weapons in Rainbow Six Siege. Since its reveal, there has been a lot of debate about why exactly Ubisoft isn’t introducing new weapons. After several weeks of confusion within the community, Ubisoft Senior Community Developer Craig Robinson addressed the issue.

“We already have around 100 unique weapons in the game,” tweets Robinson. “There is a limit to how many weapons we can license/legally use in the game. It’s also beneficial for players to have their skins available immediately upon unlocking an Operator, and not have to learn a new recoil pattern.”

Before adding a licensed weapon in Rainbow Six Siege, the developers first have to acquire permission from the manufacturer. Usually this is a lengthy and laborious task, but for a studio as big as Ubisoft, it isn’t a good enough reason to stop introducing new weapons altogether.

In addition to Robinson’s explanation, there’s another more reasonable argument. Over the past four years, Rainbow Six Siege has evolved into one of the most competitive first-person shooters in the world. Each new season adds lots of new content to the game, and that requires precious development time to be spent on game balance.

Although Rainbow Six Siege won’t be getting new weapons with Ember Rise, Robinson says this may change in the future.


Operation Ember Rise for Rainbow Six Siege goes live on the test servers on Monday 19th August. The new operators, Amaru and Goyo, will be available for free alongside a rework of Kanal.

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