Ubisoft, Bungie, Crytivo: How the Gaming Industry is Supporting Australia’s Wildfire Relief Efforts

The ongoing wildfire situation in Australia has caught the attention of the entire world. In an attempt to control the fires, donations from across the globe have started pouring in. Among many others, the gaming industry has contributed a large amount to wildfire relief efforts. It’s certainly a noble cause, and as concerns rise, more and more game developers are pitching in.

Earlier this week, The Universim developer Crytivo announced Mission Koala. As part of this two-month long campaign, the California-based game studio will donate the entirety of its profits to support relief programs in Australia. These funds would help in the “rebuilding lost homes, firefighters working overtime and environmental cleanup.”

Crytivo’s generosity has motivated other game developers to do something similar. Onion Games Interactive, the developer behind Nippon Marathon, also announced that it would donate an entire week’s worth of profits to Australian wildlife charities.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has established a fundraising program which aims to support the firefighting relief efforts. The company is developing a limited edition Destiny-themed T-Shirt that will be available to purchase starting next week. The proceeds from the sales will be split in two, with the first half going to WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization, and the other to NSW Rural Fire Service.

Fans have encouraged other studios to do the same, suggesting strategies like in-game items. Ubisoft Australia listened to the calls, but since that requires “considerable development time”, the company instead donated a generous $30,000 to the Australian Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund.


Australia’s bush fires have been raging for months now, and it’s unlikely that they will stop anytime soon. The gaming industry, as a whole, has not only helped bring more attention to the issue, but also made it easier for gamers to donate to relief efforts. It’s very wholesome to see game developers band together for a very noble cause.

Farhan Ali
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