Uber launches its new in-app security features in the US

Uber, an app often discredited for lacking security measures and seldom pursuing unethical conduct was able to somewhat improve the situation when its CEO Dara Khosrowshahi finally took matter into his own hands and introduced Uber riders with a new safety feature to ensure them of their protection as they step into a stranger’s vehicle. An appreciative act.

The security feature, along with several other improvements, was announced in April which gave riders the authority to contact 911, when necessary. The feature officially launched in the US on Tuesday.

The new safety icon allows access to the panic button within the Uber app. The button gives us the ability to contact authorities, family and acquaintances, add trusted contacts and get more information regarding Uber’s safety policies.

Uber has collaborated with RapidSOS to give 911 dispatchers access to automatic location sharing within the chosen cities including Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Denver, Colorado; Naples, Florida; Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Louisville, Kentucky. The reason behind selecting these cities, as explained by the Uber Director of Product Management Sachin Kansal, was based on their rapidity in terms of training and testing.
Uber can have easy access to your current location which can be easily passed on to a 911 operator during a call.

The feature was chiefly designed to ensure the security of the riders but according to Kansal, a panic button for the drivers will be included in the app soon.

Although, the feature might not be in use much often, its mere presence could prevent people from any possible danger. As most atrocities take place as an outcome of the feeling of not being looked upon. With the new feature, Uber has ensured rider’s security and made it known to the wrong-doers that any misconduct might lead up to serious consequences.

Bill Wilson
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