Twitter Relaunches ‘Verified Accounts’ With Clearer and Transparent Verification Policies?

Twitter has just announced that it has revamped its verification policy for ‘Verified Accounts’. The Twitter users seeking the Blue Verified Badge alongside their username apparently have a much better opportunity to secure the same.

Twitter has announced its relaunching of the verification system. The micro-blogging platform will begin the process early next year. Twitter has indicated it has made several revisions to the verification system that grants the Blue Verified Badge to some of its users.

Twitter Relaunches Account Verifications After Asking For Feedback:

Twitter has surprised its members by announcing the relaunch of its verification policy. The policy grants users the opportunity to earn the Blue Verified Badge. Under the new policy, Twitter will initially verify six types of accounts, including those belonging to government officials; companies, brands and nonprofit organizations; news; entertainment; sports; and activists, organizers and other influential individuals. The number of categories could expand in time.

Twitter had unceremoniously and abruptly halted the verification system back in 2017 after receiving a severe backlash for verifying Twitter Account of Jason Keller. He is the person who organized the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Twitter tried to defend the action by pointing to its policies around account verification, which explained its blue badges were awarded to accounts of “public interest.”

Thousands of Twitter users quickly flooded the platform by pointing out that genuinely noteworthy figures were still struggling to get their own accounts verified, Moreover, many opined verifying a known white supremacist was not something that should ever be in the “public interest.”

Subsequent to the negative publicity, Twitter announced it would halt the verification process for all Twitter Accounts. Moreover, the company announced it was working on ensuring election integrity.

The first signs of Twitter Verification were back were several medical experts suddenly getting the coveted Blue Verified Badge earlier this year. With the US Presidential Election wrapped up, Twitter has confirmed its new verification system is ready.

What Is The New Twitter Verification Policy?

The new policy details more specifically which accounts can be verified and introduces additional guidelines that could limit some accounts from receiving the blue badge. Twitter still maintains the accounts must be worthy of getting the Blue Verified Badge. And the account holder must be a noted public figure.

Twitter says the account must be “notable and active.” Interestingly, the Twitter account’s “notability” on Twitter and off-Twitter will matter. Additionally, the accounts must always be complete. Twitter will also deny or remove verification badges from otherwise qualified individuals if their accounts are found to be in repeated violation of the Twitter Rules.

Interestingly, Twitter has indicated that it will continue to verify if the already verified accounts are worthy of the Blue Badge. The company indicated it will take away the Verified Badge from accounts that are inactive or have incomplete profiles.

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Twitter Relaunches ‘Verified Accounts’ With Clearer and Transparent Verification Policies?

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