Twitter Planning to Release its Own Award System Similar to Reddit

According to a prominent social media leaker, Twitter could be working on its version of the Reddit awards right now. Jane Manchun Wong, a security researcher who was honored by Forbes last year for “uncovering previously announced features on apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Instagram through her intensive digital detective work,” is the source of the claim. 

The fact that Wong has a history of leaking information about social media platforms, including multiple disclosures relevant to Twitter, is crucial to understanding how genuine this leak is. There is a good probability that this functionality will be implemented in the next few months.

If you are acquainted with Reddit, you will see that this resembles what you see there quite a bit. Since Twitter often introduces new features, you shouldn’t be surprised by this announcement. The suspected feature resembles Reddit’s current rewards system quite a bit. Reddit users may spend Reddit Coins to reward posts or comments they enjoy. What looks to be Twitter’s equivalent of Reddit Coins a gold coin with the Twitter logo can be seen in Wong’s tweet.

Reddit Award System

To use Reddit terminology, the mentioned accolades seem to be a mix of Reactions and Medals. Mind Blown, Bravo, Super Like, Helpful, Bullseye, Hilarious, Gem, Crown, Rose, Bronze, Silver, and Gold are among the Twitter Awards listed. Twitter has reportedly been working on this feature for some time, going through many “pivots and barriers over the past year,” according to Wong.

In any event, it is still too early to speculate on whether this feature will be in the finished product. Companies always develop new features; but, whether or not they make it into the service’s final iteration is a very separate matter. Additionally, it’s unclear if this functionality will be accessible to everyone or just to Twitter Blue members.


Muhammad Zuhair

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