Twitter may Get Rid of its Video Streaming app ‘Periscope’

Periscope is a live video streaming application developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. Twitter acquired the application even before it launched back in 2015. The application could not gather much popularity since its launch.

2020 has been the year for TikTok, the application faced restrictions in many countries, including the US, but it is still going strong with millions of people posting their clips on a daily basis. Periscope could not compete with TikTok, and it seems Twitter is getting rid of the application.

According to a report from XDA Developers, Twitter may end up sacking its video streaming subsidiary sometime in the future. A developer named Jane Machun Wong found a piece of code while exploring the teardown of the latest Twitter application, which hints at the ominous thing. It could mean Twitter Live may also cease to exist as well since the feature is powered by the Periscope application. Twitter could end up baking the feature with the app itself. The details are hazy at the moment as Twitter has not even announced that it is getting rid of its video streaming application.

via XDA developers

The string clearly states that the application will shut down though the code is dead meaning the piece of code does not get executed. The link provided in the code does not work as well. Whatever the case, maybe it would be the second application that Twitter sacks within the last few years. The practice of ‘getting rid of applications’ is usually attributed to Google but it seems Twitter has a share in it as well.

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Twitter may Get Rid of its Video Streaming app ‘Periscope’

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