Twitter Taking Too Long To Load Images For You? Keep Calm, You’re Not Alone!

There seems to be a technical glitch with the popular social media platform Twitter. Thousands of users across the globe started experiencing problems while loading images.

Numerous users took to Twitter to report that it’s taking too long to load images on the platform for quite some time now. According to the tweets, the problem is preventing them from loading images on Twitter. The reports suggest that some users have noticed the problem for the past few days.

However, an immediate fix is not available at the moment. A reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong discussed the issue on Twitter.

In response to the tweet, several users confirmed that they are dealing with a similar problem. One user wrote, “It used to happen all the time on wifi, started again yesterday.”

Another user said, “This happened to me on mobile over the weekend. Waited 2 minutes and then all of the sudden all of the images loaded in at once like nothing happened.

Increased Load On The Servers Probably Caused The Issue

The problem comes at a time when thousands of people are self-quarantined or working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since people can’t really socialize with co-workers, they are relying on Twitter to kill their boredom.

The sudden increase in the number of users has increased the load on the servers, which probably resulted in the image loading issue. Some Twitterati speculated about the same:

Seems like Twitter is also failing to keep up with the increased load. Twitter all day when you are wfh Face with tears of joy.

Another person tweeted “I’ve been having this on a ton of websites and apps. Since everyone is stuck at home, everything is become more congested.

What’s your take on this matter? Do you think Twitter is taking more time to load images these days? Let us know in the comments section below.


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