You Can Finally Edit Your Tweets… With A Caveat

The edit tweet option has finally been implemented by Twitter after years of user requests. You must be a member to Twitter Blue in order to utilise the function, which is currently rolling out to all users in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

It’s crucial to note that this function is not accessible to users who do not have a Twitter Blue subscription, and we are unsure if it will ever be made available to the general public.

For those who are curious, you may edit your tweet to remove mistakes and change the hashtags and other elements. However, there are some limitations. Only the first 30 minutes after the tweet is published will you be allowed to change it. As soon as you make changes to a tweet, visual signals like an icon, timestamp, and label will be added to the tweet to let users know what has changed.

As we’ve already stated, the functionality will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers, and in case you’re not familiar, this subscription essentially gives you access to premium benefits and features. You receive bookmark folders, ad-free articles, personalised app icons, the power to cancel tweets, and more.

Additionally, subscribers have access to Twitter Labs‘ experimental features. You may presently access higher quality video uploads, NFT profile images, Edit Tweets, and the updated Spaces Tab, despite the fact that the features change. 

After Twitter revealed in April that it was developing a tweet editing function, this is the product’s first public live rollout. That came after Elon Musk used his new position as Twitter’s largest shareholder to boast about how he might make tweet editing a reality, inadvertently letting the cat out of the bag. Then, as a result of his public remarks, Twitter acknowledged that it has been developing an Edit button for some time. 

As for the second topic, Twitter is also developing new notes that may be added to embedded tweets and will give more detail regarding its edit history. 

Theoretically, you will be able to embed the original tweet indefinitely, but readers will have the choice to tap through to learn about any recent changes made to that comment.

Twitter’s intiative for the “edit tweet” option is an effective one judging by how demanding it was amongst the users. However, its accessibility to the whole platform is a yet unknown hence as soon as the matter develops we will keep you aware.

Muhammad Zuhair
Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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