Twitter Blue is “Relaunching” on Monday, Will Include Several Improvements from Prior Version

Tomorrow marks the official “relaunching” of Twitter Blue, and we have all the details you want. If you’re going to use Twitter Blue online, it will cost you $7.99. On iOS, however, you will need to pay an additional $11 a month since Twitter needs to pay Apple and keep the $7.99.

Other improvements will also be made with the updated Twitter Blue. To begin with, before accounts are given the blue verify badge, they will be scrutinized. Unlike last time, altering your handle, display name, or profile image will temporarily remove your verified badge until your profile is validated.

The “official” designation that the old Twitter Blue offered companies is no longer in the current version. Verified businesses will now display gold badges. Grey badges will belong to the government and “multilateral accounts,” while blue badges will belong to verified people. This is Twitter’s strategy for preventing imposters and creating a more effective means to distinguish between paid and free users. 

Elon Musk, who paid $44 billion to buy Twitter in November, cited several issues with Apple in a series of tweets last month, including the 30% fee the iPhone manufacturer charges software developers for in-app purchases. Then, he said that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store and halted advertising on the social networking site. But during a second conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook, he tweeted that the confusion around Twitter being taken off of Apple’s app store had been cleared up.

There is no denying that since Elon Musk came over, Twitter has undergone a significant transformation, and things are still evolving. Even though it has been months, we can still not definitively say that all of these changes will be for the better or, the worse, but by the looks of it, the revamped subscription method is intended sort things out.


Muhammad Zuhair

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