Twitter API v2 Tries to Abridge the Gap Between the Company and 3rd Party Devs

Although it has its caveats.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Despite its long reach in the community, the company has imposed many restrictions on third-party developers who want to access data from the website. To ease the relationships between the third-party developers and the company, they announced the new API last month that would provide a way to access and modify the features of the site. Only after a day of the announcement, the site faced one of the worst hacks in social media history, and thus the company decided to delay the launch.

Today they have launched the API V2 that tries to abridge the gap between the developers and the company. According to the verge, it grants access to conversation threading, pinned Tweets on profiles, poll results in Tweets, and spam filtering. It is the first update in the twitter API since 2012. Prior to the launch, the third-party developers only had limited control over the features, and Twitter even tried to monopolize its features by blocking dev access to new features.

different access levels that the API v2 grants
Via: twitter

The new API seems to be the shining light in the dark corporate history of Twitter, but it has its caveats. There are three levels of access that the API grants to the developers. Firstly, only the basic level is releasing today. It limits the frequency of API calls that a developer can make, and it does not require the developers to pay for the services. The next level, called the ‘elevated’ level, removes the restriction on the number of times a developer calls the API, but it will cost users. Lastly, there is a ‘custom’ level that, as the name suggests, would only provide services that the client requires and will be priced accordingly. The pricing structure is not announced by twitter yet.

Twitter seems optimistic with the launch of the API, and the company stresses that its a work in progress, emphasizing that it may evolve in the future. It maintains that the basic level can fulfill 80% of client needs.

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