Twitter Adds Algorithm Based Timeline to iOS, Introduces Separate Feed Tabs

The “sparkle” button that toggles between algorithmic and reverses chronological feeds has been replaced with a significant upgrade that Twitter has begun to roll out on iOS. To alter your timeline, you now swipe between two tabs named “For You” and “Following,” with the For You tab always appearing first when the app is opened. 

Image: TechCrunch

Instead of adopting the Home label it had before, the corporation essentially copied the “For You” title from TikTok. It displays tweets from accounts you follow out of chronological order coupled with algorithmically chosen tweets from other accounts you may like, much like Home (and TikTok).

However, this design has a drawback in that users would by default view the algorithmic timeline and may gradually utilizeThe main the chronological timeline less. Another unpleasant aspect of this update is that switching between pinned lists on your account for different timelines will now require more swiping. The “main timeline should allow for an easy sideways swipe between top, latest, trending, and topics that you follow,” Musk said in a tweet last month.

Twitter said last month that it was taking measures to display more tweets from users who are not following you in your timeline. The business said at the time that this modification would let all users see the platform’s “greatest” content.

Not only Twitter is responsible for promoting algorithmic feeds. When users launch the TikTok app, an algorithmic feed titled “For You” is already shown. Additionally, Instagram has begun recommending material to users. There is no way to make one of these timelines the default, despite the fact that the firm offers customers the choice of switching to a chronological or favourites feed.

The corporation is not simply changing the default feed to an automated timeline. According to Musk, Twitter is developing tools that will allow users to alter the font size and add styles like bold, italic, and underline. The intention, he said, is for users to “publish long-form content natively” on the platform.


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