Twitch Rolls Out Shared Ban Info In An Attempt To Make Its Platform Safer

In a recent article from Twitch, we came to know that Twitch is releasing a feature or a safety measure that prevents targetted harassment. Imagine a list of all suspicious trouble-makers that you can share with your buddies to make them cautious. 

Last year, for similar purposes Twitch launched the machine learning-based Ban Evasion Detection tool which used AI to monitor and detect potential malicious users. 

In order to utilize this new feature, you first have to make a sharing request. That can be done via the Shared Ban Info section of the Moderation settings in your Creator Dashboard. Then you select a channel with whom you want to share a list. Twitch specfically states that this will be a ‘Two-Way Relation‘ meaning both the users will have their lists shared. 

Two sorts of actions can be taken against users that are flagged. You can either monitor them further or restrict them. Monitored users will still be able to use the chat, however, they will appear as flagged so that the mods and the streamer can keep an eye on them. Restricted users on the other hand, will have their messages only show to the mods and the streamer. If you decide to flag someone, he/she will be restricted by default (not monitored).

Banning said user is an easier task than before because their first message is enclosed in a red border signalling that they have been flagged. If a user ends up being banned, for other streamers sharing the same list they will appear as ‘flagged‘, however, the content creators always have the option to change the status of those, who are flagged.

In the words of Twitch, safety of the users matters most to them as Twitch streamers have always been subject to ‘hate raids’;

Our safety work is never done, and we understand this feature alone is not a universal fix. That’s why we’re continually adding and expanding upon the tools in our suite of safety features — head to the Safety Center to see more. Your feedback on how we can improve is crucial to making Twitch better. So, if you have thoughts, feedback, or suggestions, head to UserVoice.

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