Twitch now allows viewers to filter PUBG streams by remaining players

Twitch, the live streaming video platform for gamers, has changed the way viewers browse PUBG streams. Today, Twitch added a few new filters intended for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds streams. These filters will let viewers search for PUBG streams based off how many players are left alive in that game.

Twitter posted a tweet earlier demonstrating the new filter options in action:

The Filters

The new filters can be accessed on the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Twitch page. Once there, viewers can filter streams displayed based off language, team type — solos, duos or squads — and remaining players. If you are looking for some early game gameplay, you can set the filter to “More than 50”. If you want action packed gameplay with frequent gunfights, try the 25-50 or “Fewer than 25” option. Twitch will only show you the streams that qualify each of the search criteria you have set. The new filters are available to all viewers for free.

With the addition of these new filters, viewers will be able to achieve a much better viewing experience. Due to the immense popularity of Twitch, there are thousands of streamers who stream PUBG. Thanks to the filters, lesser known streamers can now acquire more viewers simply by being good at the game.

PUBG is not the first game to receive filters on Twitch, as games such Overwatch and Hearthstone have had similar features for a while now. Twitch can filter Overwatch streams by the hero that is being played and Hearthstone streams by class and game mode. Due to the growing popularity of battle royale games, Twitch has made a smart move implementing new features into their platform. Increased viewership as a result of this action will hopefully push Twitch to implementing the same features for other games like Fortnite.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC via Steam and Xbox One via the Microsoft Store.

Farhan Ali
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