Twitch Will Only Work on Chrome, Edge & Firefox Indefinitely

Following the service’s announcement that Chrome, Edge, and Firefox are currently the only web browsers officially supported by the well-known streaming platform, poor communication from Twitch has caused uncertainty.

The restrictions appear to be temporary and have been imposed on alternative browsers so that Twitch can identify and remove access points being used to generate large numbers of bot accounts. However, no context was given in the notification.

Users began having problems logging onto the service, which is where the problems started. Then, Twitch Support addressed the issue by requesting that customers log in using the most recent versions of the three supported web browsers and made the announcement that a help article addressing problem-solving is “coming soon.”

Later, Tom Verrilli, the chief operating officer of Twitch, explained the situation on Twitter by stating that the browser limitations are simply a temporary countermeasure to hate-crime botnets.

Unfortunately this is what the work of making Twitch safe entails. Folks need to use a browser not of their preference today to stop tomorrow’s Hate Raid.” 

Using a browser that is not officially supported does not appear to completely prohibit access to the streaming service, despite the outcry in the Twitch Support comments opposing the plan to discontinue official support for other browsers.

On the other hand, some users are reporting problems, such as being unable to purchase anything on Twitch using a browser that isn’t supported, and even streamers using one of the supported browsers are having login issues.

On Twitter, Opera GX reassured Twitch users that they could still access the streaming service using the browser as long as they updated to the most recent version.

Twitch isn’t benefiting from its inadequate communications. It’s in Twitch’s best interest to be open with its upgrades in order to keep its community, as some of the platform’s top talent have already left.


Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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