Jeff Grubb’s Tweets suggest that EA Play May come to the Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass revolutionized the gaming industry when it launched three years ago. It allows users on Xbox and PC to play any of the 100s of games in the library. More importantly, every game that is released by Microsoft Studios will be available on the Xbox Game Pass on the launch day. EA Play is a similar service that allows its subscribers to play games published by EA on all gaming platforms except Nintendo Switch. Much like Game Pass, the service terminates the access to the game once the subscription expires but retains the save files on the cloud so that users can jump back seamlessly once they renew the subscription.

Many games published by EA have been made available for the users on Game Pass in the past for a limited time, but now things are going to get interesting. One of the famous video game reporters Jeff Grubb, started teasing that there would be another reason for people to buy the Xbox Game Pass. Right after his initial tweets, people began speculating that Microsoft may have found a way to convince CD Projek Red to release Cyberpunk 2077 on Game Pass too. Despite the fact that CD Projekt Red had already announced otherwise.

In one of his later tweets when he was asked to give a hint on what’s coming. He wrote, “I’m ready to play.” The statement may seem like an enigmatic cliche in gaming, but it only took keen-eyed fans minutes to realize that he was talking about EA Play. It is just a theory based on a statement, but it seems plausible. Firstly, both services have many similarities, and Microsoft can easily include EA Play into Game Pass Ultimate. Secondly, it would be financially beneficial for both companies.

Only time can validate the theory as both companies have chosen to remain silent on it.

Mohsin Naeem
Mohsin is a budding writer who has a thing for PC hardware and gaming. He has been building computers according to the need of his clients and is well versed in the area. He is an economics major and the analytical skills he learned from his academics adds to his writing and gives him a unique way to observe the tech industry.