How to Tweak Android Oreo Lockscreen Shortcuts

With the arrival of Android Oreo, a range of tweaks are already being discovered. These tweaks do not require root, as in fact Android has been moving towards providing the features that rooted users want. We will need to play around a bit in ADB terminal for this guide though. If you do not have ADB configured on your PC, see this Appual’s guide for How to Install ADB on Windows

For this guide, we will be focusing on lockscreen shortcuts, which are the little icons on your lockscreen to quickly launch an app from the lockscreen. Changing the apps was removed in Android O Developer Preview 3, but it’s still possible to change them using ADB commands. This is because only the system GUI for changing the lockscreen shortcuts was removed, but the ability to do so via commands was left in.

How to Customize Android Oreo Lockscreen Shortcuts

  1. First enable USB Debugging on your device. This is done via Settings > About Phone > tap Build Number 7 times until Developer Mode is activated. Then go to Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging. Now connect your phone to your PC via USB.
  2. Now open the main ADB folder on your computer, and hold Shift + right click, and choose “Open a command window here”.
  3. Make sure ADB recognizes your device by typing into the terminal ‘adb devices’ without the quotes. If it returns your device’s serial number, you’re okay to continue. If not, you may need to try re-installing ADB, or your device’s USB drivers.
  4. Now to customize the lockscreen shortcuts. To customize the shortcut on the left side, you want to type into ADB terminal:

settings put secure sysui_keyguard_left “COMPONENT/NAME”

For the right side:

settings put secure sysui_keyguard_right “COMPONENT/NAME”

You want to change “COMPONENT” to the application’s package name and “NAME” is the name to its activity.

For example, if I wanted to add Spotify to the left side:

settings put secure sysui_keyguard_left “ “

This works for any application and activity. To find application package names and activities, you can use Activity Launcher on Google Play Store to find the name of the activity.

Next, if you want to make the shortcut unlock the device you can do that too. Simply use the following commands:

settings put secure sysui_keyguard_left_unlock 0/1

settings put secure sysui_keyguard_right_unlock 0/1

Where 0 keeps the device locked when the shortcut is activated and 1 unlocks the device.

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How to Tweak Android Oreo Lockscreen Shortcuts

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