TSMC Expanding To Manufacture Next-Generation CPUs And GPUs On 5nm and 3nm Semiconductor Node

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), has confirmed that is about to undertake rapid and massive expansion. The world’s largest third-party contract chipmaker has indicated that it would add about 4,000 more employees to its growing enterprise. The new employees would help to develop and deploy high-end processes that will ensure the company maintains operational superiority and production efficiency.

TSMC has been advertising about several new job opportunities on the recruitment website TaiwanJobs run by the Ministry of Labor’s Workforce Development Agency (WDA). The company has also been increasingly undertaking campus recruitment drives to quickly expand its talent and employee pool. It is quite apparent that TSMC wants to ensure it has enough employees to produce the next-generation silicon chips on the current-generation 7nm, and next-generation 5nm and 3nm Semiconductor Production Nodes.

TSMC Sets Aside $15 Billion For Research and Development In 2020 To Make Chips For 5G and HPC Segments:

TSMC has advertised that it would consider hiring over 4,000 employees. The company’s demands, according to the job placement ads, are quite varied. Some of the fields in which TSMC wants new hires are electric/engineering, optoelectronics, machinery, physics, production materials, chemicals, finances, management, human resources, and labor relations.

TSMC has reportedly set aside $15 Billion just for R&D, and that too for the current year alone. Simply put, the company is investing a big part of its capital back into development on new and improved technology. The company is confident that the next wave of technology up-gradation by the telecommunications, networking and High-Performance Computing (HPC) industry segments will require a lot of new silicon chips with advanced features and specifications.

TSMC Confident Of Rising Global Demand For Multiple Specialty and Consumer Products:

At a recently concluded Investor Conference, TSMC confirmed that it expects to benefit from solid demand for smartphones, high-performance computer (HPC) devices, Internet of Things (IoT) related applications and automotive electronics this year. The company is currently an active supplier of silicon chips to the world’s leading consumer technology manufacturers like Apple, AMD, etc. The rapid expansion being undertaken at TSMC is obviously to ensure the company is able to meet the demand of 5G and miniaturized HPC devices this year.

The company indicated its Capital Expenditure (Capex) for 2020 is expected to range between US$15-16 Billion. TSMC has indicated that 80 percent of the Capex will be utilized to develop 3nm, 5nm, and 7nm technology. Ten percent of the budget will be allocated to advanced packaging and testing technology development. The remaining 10 percent will be allocated to special process development.

TSMC has perfected the 7nm Fabrication Node for semiconductors. It is being currently used to make CPUs and GPUs for AMD and a few other companies. Despite successfully mass-producing 7nm chips, the company is already deep into the development of more sophisticated 5mn and 3mn processes.TSMC is reportedly confident about finalizing the processes and commercializing them in record times.

As per the latest reports, TSMC is the biggest semiconductor manufacturer. The company’s portfolio of products grants it a commanding 50 percent share of the global pure wafer foundry market. Hence it is imperative for the Taiwanese company to ensure operational and production superiority in the rapidly evolving global tech markets.

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TSMC Expanding To Manufacture Next-Generation CPUs And GPUs On 5nm and 3nm Semiconductor Node

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