TSMC to Hold A Large Event to Inaugurate its 3nm Manufacturing Process

This month, TSMC, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, will host another large event. It conducted a sizable celebration in Arizona earlier in December to commemorate the arrival of the plant’s first equipment. However, it seems that the business is not yet done celebrating its achievements, as sources in Taiwanese media indicate that TSMC will throw a party at its Nan-ke factory in Taiwan next week to formally launch mass production of its cutting-edge 3-nanometer semiconductor manufacturing process.

This year, the 3-nanometer node has generated a great deal of debate. According to claims, this is because Samsung Foundry, TSMC’s main opponent in the contract chip manufacturing market, launched production ahead of the Taiwanese company.

TSMC’s 3nm Process Has Been Subjected to Rumors of Delay and Compromises

Furthermore, TSMC has often been the subject of rumors this year, with claims that its 3-nanometer production is being held up. Some claim that the firm is covering up these delays by launching new “generations” of technology. Others, though, contend that there just aren’t enough orders to operate the pricey chip production equipment economically.

According to insiders in the Taiwanese semiconductor industry cited by the United Daily News (UDN), the event’s purpose is to refute any suspicions that TSMC is behind schedule with 3-nanometer production. The management of TSMC has claimed several times that their 3-nanometer manufacturing is proceeding according to plan. In its most recent earnings call, when the results for the third quarter of 2022 were covered, chief executive officer Dr. C.C. Wei said the following:

Despite the ongoing inventory correction, we observed a high level of customer engagement at both N3 and N3E with a number of tape-outs more than 2x than that of N5 in its first and second year. We are working closely with our tool supplier to address towards delivery challenges and prepare more 3-nanometer capacity to support our customers strong demand in 2023, 2024 and beyond.”

After Arizona welcomed the first machines with great fanfare, several in Taiwan questioned if TSMC was instead turning its attention to the United States. Legislators were concerned that the new facility would result in a technological transfer to the US, which is still the hub of chip manufacturing today because of a robust ecosystem of backend equipment and design companies. Officials from the Taiwanese administration allayed these fears by characterizing them as misinformation being propagated from Mainland China to undermine ties between Taiwan and the United States.

The celebration of 3-nanometer mass production will ease any worries in Taiwan that TSMC is moving its operations from its native country to the United States. According to official announcements, the business will introduce this manufacturing technique to the American facility in 2026, one year after it begins producing these chips in Taiwan by 2025 in accordance with existing plans. This manufacturing process is the company’s most sophisticated technology to date.


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