TSMC’s Chairman and Several High Profile Individuals Data Has Leaked Online

After an airline database was breached and information shared online, the founder and chairman of The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) information was made public. An organization tried to blackmail the corporation, part of which included the hack. The information was reportedly shared on a forum after the airline alerted the police. China Airlines has acknowledged the hack and said that it discovered certain inconsistencies when it compared some of the information from the leak with its records.

The state-owned national airline of the People’s Republic of China (Mainland China), China Airlines, experienced a hacker gang accessing its membership database, according to information from the Taiwanese press. This database contains information on a broad range of high profile individuals, both domestically and internationally. The list included politicians, entrepreneurs, and media personalities.

Although the hackers did not demand a ransom from the airline, they urged the victims to file legal complaints with government agencies to force China Airlines to abide by data protection regulations, particularly those in the European Union, and to compensate the victims.

Airline Data Breach Resulted in Information Theft of Several High Profile Personalities

The breach was acknowledged in a statement released by China Airlines yesterday, according to the United Daily News (UDN). It further said that while it cannot authenticate the origin of the stolen material, preliminary inquiries have been made. These have shown that not all of the information that was leaked corresponds to the data that is already existing in the airline’s database. China Airlines has concluded from this that the leak may have originated from another location. 

Importantly, the hackers claim to have information on a staggering three million clients, and they want to regularly disclose the information to verify the accuracy of the data. Additionally, according to reports, TSMC’s founder and current chairman Dr. Mark Liu, and its previous CEO Dr. Morris Chang were among the individuals whose information was exposed as a result of the attack. Terry Gou, the founder of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (Foxconn), Foxconn vice president Lai Qingde, MediaTek chairman Ming-Kai Tsai, and Delta Electronics president Hai Yingjun are among prominent individuals whose information was published online.

China Airlines has responded to the incident by claiming that it has reviewed all of its systems for security holes and that it has also sent emails to its customers requesting that they frequently update their passwords. It also said that the redistribution of the stolen data would constitute illegal activity. The airline had received mail from the hackers warning it of the intrusion earlier this month. Regulatory agencies have requested the airline to do a comprehensive security evaluation of its systems to avoid a repeat of this occurrence.


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