TSMC’s 3nm Production Reportedly Delayed, Samsung Gets One Step Ahead

The battle for process leadership is now being fought by TSMC and Samsung. With the current shipment of 3nm chips, Samsung Foundry has an advantage over TSMC. The latter was supposed to begin mass producing 3nm chips by last month, but Seeking Alpha reports that this has now been postponed until the current quarter, or the fourth quarter of 2022.

Apple’s M3 chip, which is anticipated to be utilised in products released during the spring of next year, could be made using TSMC’s 3nm manufacturing. Despite earlier statements from the business that it anticipated N3 to be fully utilised in 2023, the article claims that Apple may be the company receiving the N3 chips from TSMC next year. Seeking Alpha got to this conclusion after analysing TSMC’s unimpressive projection for N3’s revenue contribution for the upcoming year. 
TSMC’s 5nm technology shows immense potential which has led to it gaining multiple orders. | Image: TSMC
In a road map recently released by Samsung Foundry, it was said that manufacture of 1.4nm chips would start barely two years after the start of 2nm chip production in 2025. According to Seeking Alpha’s estimations, TSMC will be on the 3nm manufacturing node for 2.75 years and the 2nm node for 3 years, therefore the company won’t be putting any advances into use for more than five years.
That might enable Samsung Foundry to overtake TSMC as the biggest foundry in the world, as well as Intel. Though, as Apple has been a devoted TSMC customer for years, don’t anticipate the business to change. TSMC presently controls 52.9% of the world’s semiconductor foundries, while Samsung holds 17.3% of the market. The entire industry may end up looking very different than it does right now by 2025, when Intel forecasts that it will have reclaimed worldwide process leadership. 
The struggle between TSMC and Samsung for supremacy on a worldwide scale has spurred the industry to innovate, greatly advancing fields like artificial intelligence.

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