How to Troubleshoot Cell Issues with Upower Scripts

Whether you use a laptop, netbook, notebook, tablet or even a Linux smartphone, you’re bound to end up with cell issues after you’ve used it for a long period. More than likely your monitoring icon simply indicates that your battery is charging or discharging. Perhaps it indicates a percentage, but it provides little information about performance or chemistry. Cells utilized in the construction of power systems for mobile devices are largely based on Li-on technology, but may use other chemistries. More than likely it’s best to periodically charge these devices to different values, then periodically fully discharge and recharge them if the system reports a dropped percentage.

The problem is that most tools don’t indicate if the percentage of capacity is dropping or not. There is a short batch script you can construct that will help you to troubleshoot these systems.

Troubleshooting Cell Problems

Either head to a virtual console by holding CTRL and ALT while pushing F1-F6 or instead open a graphical command prompt by holding CTRL and ALT while pushing T or starting it from the root menu. Type cd ~/Documents to put yourself in an innocuous folder, then type the following lines followed by enter each time:

cat > checkcell


upower -i $(upower -e | grep ‘BAT’)


Hold CTRL and push D when you reach the end. Navigate to ~/Documents in a graphical file manager you start either by holding the Windows key and pushing E or from the root graphical menu, depending on your distribution. Right click on checkcell, click on Permissions and set the permissions to:

View content: Anyone

Change content: Only owner

Execute: Anyone


Head back to your command prompt and type ./checkcell for information about the capacity and chemistry of your battery that can aid in troubleshooting.

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How to Troubleshoot Cell Issues with Upower Scripts

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