Treyarch Addresses Team-killing Complaints and Other Issues in Black Ops 4: Blackout

A few hours ago, the open beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode went live on PC. The closed beta for Blackout, however, has been available on console for a while now, and players already have a lot of issues with the game mode. One of the biggest problems faced by players, aside from the horrendous performance on PC, is intentional team-killing. Treyarch addressed player concerns regarding several issues and talked about the upcoming changes to Blackout on Reddit.


In Blackout, friendly fire is enabled, which means players are able to down and kill their teammates. Regardless of whether or not it was an accident, the person who team-killed is free to loot each and every belonging of their fallen teammate. This may not be as big of an issue in organized squads, but in random public matches, it is more common that you would think. Treyarch has said that they will prevent players from being able to loot teammates whom they have killed in order to try and reduce team-killing incidents. “We have a zero-tolerance policy for intentional teamkillers,” reads the Reddit post. Additionally, a report player function has been added which can be accessed via the social menu.

A technical issue was also discovered which negatively affects in-game environmental sounds. A bug with the spatial audio is causing players difficulty in identifying whether a player’s footsteps are above or below them. Many players have also requested for the ability to see your armor health. Upon launch, Blackout will feature an armor health bar that will appear above the player health indicator on the HUD. Another quality of life feature that will be deployed on launch will make it easier to differentiate vehicle vs player hitmarkers by changing its color.

As the beta version of the game is specifically intended for testing purposes, you may encounter a lot of bugs and issues. The full version of Blackout, which launches on October 12th, will hopefully be a lot more polished and balanced than the beta.

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Treyarch Addresses Team-killing Complaints and Other Issues in Black Ops 4: Blackout

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