Top Apple Analyst Kuo Reports Galaxy S10 Sales Will Beat the iPhone in 2019 Because of Spec Differentiation

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is known for analysing smartphone sales numbers has reported his forecast of the Galaxy S10 shipments for the year of 2019. Kuo has upped the expected shipments by 30% from 30-35 Mn to 40-45 Mn for the Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung Expected to Ship 45 Million Galaxy S10 Devices This Year

Kuo’s report puts it straight in front of us, he says that the Galaxy S10 series is a major upgrade from previous generation and that is one of the major reasons, if not the only, for the increase in expected shipments. Unlike the iPhones, the Galaxy S10 comes with considerable changes including a spec bump and an overall design revamp. The forecast reveals that about 45 Mn Galaxy S10 smartphones are expected to be sold this year.

We believe that the better-than-expected shipment momentum of S10 series is due to (1) the market’s bearish view on high-end smartphone growth, (2) spec differentiation from iPhone models, including an ultrasonic fingerprint on display (FOD), rear triple-camera, and bilateral wireless charging, (3) much better-than-expected demand in China market, and (4) trade-in programs, the forecast report reads.

The most noticeable reason for the Galaxy S10 being expected to sell more than the iPhone is the ‘Spec Differentiation’. Several unique features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 including the top notch performance, the triple rear camera setup including an extra wide-angle lens and the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner set it apart from any other competing flagship smartphones. According to many well-known reviewers, with the Galaxy S10, Samsung has set the bar very high for any competing smartphones to beat.

Sources suggest that Samsung’s early entry in the 5G game is to some extent responsible for higher sales prospect. Kuo also states that out the three smartphones, the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will account for more than 85% of the total shipments, which honestly comes as a surprise considering the high value for money provided by the $750 Galaxy S10E over the other two.

Although the new 2019 iPhones are also expected to sport triple rear cameras, it is likely Apple will stick with Face ID rather than adding a fingerprint scanner to the phone. Even then, the new iPhones will enter the market no earlier than September. Until then, the Galaxy S10 trio will, perhaps, rule the high-end smartphone market.

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