A New Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game May Be Releasing in 2020

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is an iconic skateboarding game series that hasn’t been in the spotlight for many years. Aside from a spin-off mobile release in 2018, the most recent installment in the franchise was in 2015 with Pro Skater 5. Although publisher Activision hasn’t revealed any information about the games in recent times, it’s possible that a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game is in the works.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

According to a recent Facebook post from punk rock music band The Death Set, a new Tony Hawk game could be releasing as early as this year. Twitter user TheNathanNS took a screenshot of the post before it was deleted. The band claimed that they had “licensed 5 new songs” for an upcoming Tony Hawk game. The post stated that the songs in question would be made public “soon”, though any sort of time frame was not given.

Since neither Activision nor Tony Hawk himself have made any sort of announcement, it’s clear that The Death Set’s reveal post was a mistake. PCGamesN notes that Tony Hawk’s contact with Activision expired in 2015. Since then, the franchise has remained mostly dormant excluding 2018’s Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam mobile game. Due to this, some fans are worried that the followup game will also be a mobile-only title. However, that is not much of a possibility as mobile games don’t normally invest heavily in musical contracts.

As for the rumored 2020 Tony Hawk game, the only bit of information we have doesn’t tell us much of anything. Right now, everything from the platform of the game to the title is unknown. Hawk previously stated that he wants virtual reality to be a part of his upcoming games. Considering how active virtual reality has gotten in the gaming industry, it’s entirely possible that a new Tony Hawk virtual reality skating game is in development.

Regardless, it might be a while before any official information regarding a new Tony Hawk game is revealed.

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