Tokyo Game Show to Host the First Playable PlayStation VR2 Headset at Capcom Booth

PlayStation VR2 version of Resident Evil Village

After numerous leaks and speculations, Sony finally revealed the PlayStation VR2 design back in February. Sony didn’t specify a launch date at that point, but recently it was revealed the PlayStation VR2 launch would be sometime in early 2023

Most of the developmental work on the PlayStation VR2 must have concluded as Sony seems confident enough to showcase it in the upcoming Capcom event at the Tokyo Game Show. There, players will get to experience the PlayStation VR2 version of Resident Evil Village, and that too, for the first time ever. 

This was also confirmed by the official PlayStation Japan Twitter handle. Capcom’s blog post for the event also mentions that players will get to experience a part of Dominesque Castle, in the “Resident Evil Village” VR trial. If you plan on attending the event, you can check out the details here

The Tokyo Game Show is a video game convention which is held every year in September, in Japan. This year it’s scheduled to start from 15th September. You can visit this link, here, for tickets and more information. 


Indranil Chowdhury

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