Today’s Rainbow Six Siege Patch Nerfs The ‘Sniper Pistol’, Destruction Effects Updated

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Wind Bastion went live earlier this month. Since then, the two new operators, Kaid and Nomad, have been the center of attention because of their controversial ACOG-equipped secondary. The .44 Mag Semi Auto has already been nerfed once since its release, and today’s patch takes it even further. Operation Wind Bastion also upgraded destruction visual and ripple effects, changes which weren’t officially detailed until today.

In-game textures have received an update and are now optimized for 4K. There’s also more variety in destruction decals and ripple effects.

Destruction Changes
Destruction Changes

Although not included in today’s patch notes, blood splatters have also been changed. As shown by coreross, the visuals for blood in Rainbow Six Siege have been updated to achieve a darker look.

Blood Changes
Blood Changes

.44 Mag Semi Auto

The damage of the weapon has been reduced from 74 to 51, and the recoil has been changed again. Both the vertical and horizontal recoil values of the .44 Mag Semi Auto have been increased, meaning that it is now more difficult to ‘chain shots precisely at long range’.


Wind Bastion also reworked throw curves for all throwable gadgets except Nitro Cells. As a result, Valkyrie was able to throw Black Eye cameras in insanely hidden spots. Ubisoft has once again made adjustments to Valkyrie’s throw curve, returning the operator’s throwing skills to what they were before.


Nomad now carries a claymore mine instead of stun grenades. Giving a powerful operator access to more trap utility seems counter-intuitive, but Ubisoft says that they are monitoring how this loadout change will play out.

“The synergy between Nomad’s airjabs and the three stun grenades gave her a bit too much CC utility individually,” states Ubisoft. “While the addition of a Claymore can provide Nomad with some trap functionality, we’ll be monitoring the interactions between her gadget and the Claymore to see if this is a better fit.”


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Today’s Rainbow Six Siege Patch Nerfs The ‘Sniper Pistol’, Destruction Effects Updated

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