TMSC’s Arizona Facility Has A Cultural Clash According To An Employee

An employee of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) at the company’s facility in Arizona has posted his worries about working there on the social media site Glassdoor.

As the company collaborates with the government to increase its manufacturing presence and lessen supply chain instability brought on by geopolitics in the South China Sea, TSMC is now constructing its largest U.S. facility in the state.

The founder of the company, Mr. Morris Chang, explained at several events shortly after TSMC announced its plans for the Arizona factory that the company may encounter a multitude of issues due to the cultural differences among the employees.

According to the Glassdoor review, the employee raised this issue exclaiming that:

Mr. Chang believes that TSMC’s biggest strength is Taiwan. He believes that Taiwanese engineers are more professional than their American counterparts, going so far as to say that “nobody in the United States is as dedicated to their work as they are in Taiwan.

In addition, he persisted in complaining that his boss was a micromanager and that the company’s culture generally gave him the impression that feedback weren’t respected. The worker also believed that taking time off from his employment was not advised because it would influence the performance review.

This cultural difference appears to have affected at least one TSMC Arizona employee, who then ultimately used Glassdoor to air his grievances. According to his post, while TSMC pays above the industry average because the number of hours worked is high, the effect of the higher pay may be negated.

In advice to the management, the employee suggested that

TSMC is constructing a fab in the United States, but 95 percent of its managers are Taiwanese. For more than ten years, they have all been influenced by military-like culture. Most of them refuse to adopt American culture because that is not how they rose to such high positions. More US managers will be required to establish a fusion culture.

Other reviews for TSMC’s operations in the United States were positive, with many applauding the company for the perks and privileges it provides, as well as a friendly atmosphere with co-workers. One review praised the company’s “integrity,” noting that it not only offers excellent growth opportunities but also the opportunity to work with various fields in semiconductor fabrication.

The majority of the negatives mentioned included strict management and long working hours, while the positives included colleague praise, TSMC’s critical role in contract chip manufacturing, job stability, and a great learning environment.


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