The Last of Us Show Has Triggered a Massive Spike In the Game’s Sales

We’ve all seen how well The Last of Us was welcomed by the public, even breaking the long-standing Breaking Bad‘s IMDb record following its premiere. With such a strong debut, The Last of Us only needs to sustain its current level of quality to remain one of the greatest television series of all time. The similarities between the show and the original game had a great influence on the show’s success. As a result, a lot of fans of the show wanted to give the game a shot too.

Gfk‘s latest weekly data for boxed software sales in the UK shows that The Last of Us Part 1 experienced a staggering 238% boost in sales over the last week, allowing it to rise to #20 on the charts. This was likely due to the greater exposure that the game experienced after the premiere of the HBO show. And it’s not just the PS5 version that’s cashing in on the show’s popularity. Sales of The Last of Us Remastered for PlayStation 4 increased by a whopping 322% week over week, propelling the game to the #32 spot on the charts.

The Last of Us games aren’t the only ones with surprising sales numbers this week, as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, for example, jumped up from #12 to #7 thanks to a massive boost in sales driven by a price cut.

For the same reasons, Battlefield 2042 was able to re-enter the charts and eventually reach #25, with sales increasing by 177%. The Callisto Protocol is also making a comeback, this time at #16 in the charts thanks to an 83% spike in sales after a price cut at some stores.

It would be fascinating to see how much of a boost we get in sales with the release of The Last of Us Part 1 on PC a month later, considering that more people will be able to play the game. Give us your thoughts on TLOU’s incredible sales figures and whether or not you think the company will be able to maintain its high standard of quality in the comments below.



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