Tips to Fill Your Pokédex Up Quickly

The main objective in Pokémon GO, like all other Pokémon games, is to catch ‘em all, which basically means to catch at least one of each of the Pokémon featured in the game, thereby completing the game’s Pokédex, which is basically an encyclopedia of all the Pokémon in the game. Pokémon GO features all of the Generation I Pokémon from the anime and games, with the total count of Pokémon in the game standing at a staggering 151. However, 4 of these Pokémon are Legendaries (and aren’t available yet), Mew is a Mythic Pokémon (and isn’t available yet), Ditto is nowhere to be found and another 4 of these Pokémon are seemingly exclusive to certain regions of the world.

That leaves a total of 141 Pokémon that are attainable in all of the countries where Pokémon GO is available (both officially and unofficially), so catching ‘em all, at least for now, only refers to capturing the 141 unique Pokémon that are available in all parts of the world (you get extra points for adding a region-exclusive Pokémon to your collection). Pokémon GO is now nearing the end of its first month of availability, which is why many Pokémon trainers, the first of whom was Nick Johnson, have started to accomplish the goal of filling their Pokédexes with the 141 Pokémon that can be freely encountered in the wild (and at least one region-exclusive Pokémon, if they live in a country where a region-exclusive Pokémon is available).

Seeing this, Pokémon trainers who are nowhere near the 141 unique Pokémon mark have begun to want to fill up their Pokédexes faster so that they can be right up there with the very best. Well, if you want to fill up your Pokédex as quickly as you possibly can, the following are some of the most effective tips that can help you do so:

Stay logged into the game as much as possible

If you want to make sure you fill up your Pokédex as quickly as possible, you need to be logged into the game as much as possible. Who knows when a Pokémon that isn’t in your Pokédex yet (or an entire horde of Pokémon!) is going to pop up in your vicinity? A wild Jigglypuff or Graveler could decide to spawn near you while you are sitting at your desk sipping your coffee, so be sure to stay logged into the game as much as possible (you might have to connect your device to a charger or external battery to make sure that doing so doesn’t cause excessive battery drain) and be on the lookout for your phone to buzz when a wild Pokémon shows up near you.

Go out into the real world as often as you possibly can

The more you walk, go out into the real world and explore the world around you, the more wild Pokémon you are going to encounter, and the more wild Pokémon you encounter, the more you increase your chances of encountering a Pokémon that you haven’t registered to your Pokédex yet. Going out and exploring the world around you as often as you can is the whole theme of Pokémon GO, and it is also one of the most effective tips that you can use to fill up your Pokédex quickly.

To find specific Pokémon, go to their natural habitats

Specific kinds of Pokémon can be found in what would be their natural habitats had they been living, breathing creatures and not just monsters on your phone’s screen. Now this doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to find a Magmar if you stand at the edge of an active volcano, but you are certainly going to encounter a lot more Water type Pokémon while you are near bodies of water, a lot more Bug and Grass type Pokémon while you are at a park or on a farm, and a lot more Electric type Pokémon if you are near a power station.

The myth that specific Pokémon can only be encountered in the wild during the day or during the night has effectively been debunked (yes, you can find a Ghastly even if all you see outside is sunshine), but this little tidbit detailing how specific kinds of Pokémon can be found near specific kinds of places has been proven to be true.

Hatch a ton of eggs

One of the best measures you can take to fill your Pokédex up quickly is to hatch tons of eggs. Hatching eggs is arguably the best way to fill your Pokédex up quickly as hatching eggs gives you a chance to add Pokémon that aren’t actively available in your area to your Pokédex, and also gives you a pretty good chance of adding rare Pokémon to your collection. So get as many Egg Incubators as you can, incubate as many eggs at the same time as you can, get your running shoes out and hatch those buggers into beautiful little ‘mons.

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Tips to Fill Your Pokédex Up Quickly

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