Apple CEO Tim Cook Talked Out the Twitter Issue With Elon Musk

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is well regarded for his strong communication skills, which were on full show last week when he handled Elon Musk’s barrage of criticisms of the company. This weekend’s Financial Times piece provides a closer look at how former Apple executives assess Cook’s abilities, with the disclaimer that there is one problem he hasn’t yet fixed.

Musk claimed that Twitter had been “threatened to be withdrawn from its App Store,” although he did not provide any context. Tim Cook secretly invited Musk to Apple Park for a meeting rather than engaging him in public. Following the meeting and tour of Apple Park, Musk thanked Cook on Twitter and claimed that everything was a “misunderstanding.” According to a “former Apple veteran of more than 10 years” who talked to The Financial Times, Cook can appease someone like Musk: 

I’m sure Tim charmed him

“He wanted to hear [Musk] out. And I’m sure Tim gave his perspective. That’s what Tim does: he rolls up his sleeves and fixes problems. He’s not into big public disputes, whether it’s a PR dispute or something more contentious. That’s not his MO. He’s not like Elon.” 

Cook’s “best skill is just understanding the need to take care of everyone,” according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who also praised him for being “multidisciplinary and not having a favorite.” 

Elon Musk said that Apple had “fully resumed advertising” on Twitter during a Twitter Space. Apple did neither confirm nor deny that it has ceased running ads on Twitter. Additionally, it was never made clear whether a decline in advertising at the end of the month was brought on by Musk’s ownership of Twitter or was instead the result of a more general realignment.

Elon said that Apple is Twitter’s biggest advertiser, making it crucial for the firm to keep that connection strong while other marketers cut down on their spending. Musk’s remarks follow a Washington Post article published earlier this week that said Apple spent an estimated $131,600 on Twitter ads between Nov. 10 and Nov. 16, down from $220,800 between Oct. 16 and Oct. 22, the week before Musk shut down Twitter.

Of course, Apple doesn’t make any details on its advertising expenditures publicly available. It’s impossible to determine if Elon Musk caused the business to quit purchasing Twitter advertisements. In the end, it is safe to assume that Apple’s advertising problem has been handled, but content moderation may still pose significant problems.


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