TikTok’s Very Own Music App is in Development

It wouldn’t be all that shocking if TikTok released a music streaming app of its own given how closely tied music discovery is to the video platform. In fact, according to patent applications seen by Insider, TikTok is already working on it.

The US Patent and Trademark Office received a trademark application for “TikTok Music” from TikTok’s parent firm, ByteDance, in May. The service would supposedly allow users to buy, play, share, and download music. Additionally, users would be able to make, share, and suggest playlists, leave comments on songs, and Livestream audio and video. In Australia, ByteDance previously submitted a trademark application for “TikTok Music” in November.

The unknown is if ByteDance would create a music streaming application using the existing developments or something altogether different. It’s feasible that the music streaming app with TikTok collabs may revolutionize the music streaming market and force firms to adapt, just as TikTok had a significant influence on how social networking sites function.

Muhammad Zuhair
Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.