Thunderbird version 60.3.1 now Available, Includes Fixes for Cookie Removal and Encoding Issues

Thunderbird happens to be one of the most famous Email client. It is free and an open source one which was developed by the Mozilla Foundation back in 2003, fifteen years ago. From a very basic interface, it has come a long way to be what it is today in 2018. With these updates, a recent one into the 60.x series from the 52.x series was a significant one.

While the 60.x (60.3.0) update started rolling out, Mozilla was keen to push out 60.3.1. This new version of Thunderbird had a few bugs and kinks here and there which needed to be addressed which Mozilla did, most of them at least.

To go into further details, bigger more prominent problems such as the cookie removing problem and the “Download rest of message” bug were dealt with. Other users reported issues with double clicking in the word window which was also fixed in this new update. Among other improvements, over all integration in terms of Encoding was overlooked and fixed in 60.3.1.

While a lot of these issues were handled and taken care of quite professionally by the developer, other issues like its functionality issues with mac and Twitter in chat were still seen to be glitchy. Although this may seem as a bummer, it is also a silver lining that the developer is keeping an open ear to all the problems and pushing out updates really quick so any issues faced should be expected to be gone in future updates, which with this trend, should be right around the corner.

Maira Ahmed
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