Throne War MMO Crowfall prepares for release in Russia

Crowfall is a unique MMO game by ArtCraft Entertainment that is described as a “throne war simulator.” While the game has been available in many parts of the worlds, community members from Russia and the CIS do not have access to the game. Today, ArtCraft Entertainment announced that it has partnered with Innova Co. SARL to bring Crowfall to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Alexander Harutyunyan, CEO of Innova, said “We are thrilled to be able to launch Crowfall to our very eager MMO player base in Russia and the CIS. And we are just as thrilled to be working with the ArtCraft team. They are a highly experienced team with a long track record of success and Crowfall is one of the most highly anticipated MMOs out there today.”

“Innova has achieved an amazing degree of success building and launching competitive Massively Multiplayer Online games in Russia and the CIS,” explained Gordon Walton, president and executive producer at ArtCraft Entertainment. “They have amassed more than 55-million players on the 4game network by offering some of the most engaging, successful MMOs in the world. Crowfall will be a perfect addition to the platform.”


There are many ways in which Crowfall differs from standard MMO games, but the selling point is the throne war aspect. Players can take the role of kings, queens, mercenaries and assassins in their quest for glory, wealth and power. Each server of the game is host to a unique campaign that runs for a limited time. These campaigns feature their own rules and maps, and last only a few months before being conquered by an alliance or guild.

During its development, Crowfall received immense support from its community members. The developers were able to raise over $20 million in funding from backers all over the world. With the game releasing in Russia, over 55 million players have access to a localized version of Crowfall.


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Throne War MMO Crowfall prepares for release in Russia

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