Three More Games Incoming For PlayStation – NieR: Automata, Ghostrunner and Undertale Join The August Lineup of PlayStation Now

PS Plus subscribers have three amazing games to look forward to this month, all available to play forever, save for a prolific one expiring on November.

After a site error made last month with regards to their August PlayStation Plus offerings, Sony has added three new games for players across all genre fans to enjoy this month. Available to play  now, these three games are NieR: Automata, Ghostrunner and Undertale. Check out the original posting from Sony PlayStation below.

Let’s delve further into the games and what they can offer for the PlayStation’s player base.

Nier: Automata

The first and most high-prolific game on the list is NieR: Automata, an action RPG from the NieR series of games by Square Enix, as overseen and directed by the auteur Yoko Taro. The game is a sequel for the original NieR game, first released in 2010, which in itself was a spin-off and sequel for the Drakengard series. NieR: Automata is a continuation and spiritual successor of sorts to many of the themes and elements of both NieR and Drakengard, and it is widely regarded today as one of the best video games of all time.

Gameplay for NieR: Automata revolves mostly around role-playing elements with hack and slash combat. However, players will often encounter distinct switches between video game genres as with the first NieR; Automata also features gameplay elements like shoot’em up sections as well as text adventures. Players will play as one of three distinct androids in a post-apocalyptic world, with a distinct storyline that has multiple endings.


The second entry is for the players who are looking for their cyberpunk fix, albeit in a different yet extremely creative genre. Ghostrunner, released in October of last year, is a cyberpunk action platformer from Polish studio One More Level and published by 505 Games. For those familiar with Mirror’s Edge and its sequel, Ghostrunner is its natural evolution; players traverse a gritty cyberpunk world using their innate parkouring abilities.

Playing as Jack the Ghostrunner and armed with a futuristic katana, the player will traverse incredibly dangerous environments by dashing, jumping, wall-running and grappling. Ghostrunner features a one-hit death mechanic, meaning that players will immediately die upon failing to traverse certain obstacles or being hit by enemies. This makes for a high-paced, trial and error-based action platformer for players who want a perfect game each and every time.


The last entry on the list is the cult classic and indie darling Undertale, a project from independent game developer Toby Fox. First released in 2015, Undertale is a 2D RPG featuring various game elements from other video game genres, such as turn-based combat and bullet hell sections. It features an award-nominated soundtrack as well, while Undertale itself was nominated for many Game of the Year awards from different publications and organizations.

The game features unique turn-based combat scenarios where the player can choose to spare monsters instead of killing them; doing so will have various effects on the outcome of the story. Undertale is also known for its ingenious writing and use of humor, and the narrative has been praised as one of the best from an independent video game.

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Three More Games Incoming For PlayStation – NieR: Automata, Ghostrunner and Undertale Join The August Lineup of PlayStation Now

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