BEST GUIDE: This video was removed from your phone because it contained unsafe content

People who recently upgraded their Android phones to 6.0.1 Marshmallow in early March often face an issue while sending and receiving WhatsApp videos. Some Kit Kat or previous OS users also complain about this issue, whenever they try to send or receive a video to WhatsApp a message pop ups “this video was removed from your phone because it contained unsafe content” which makes the user unable to view the video, and even reinstalling WhatsApp and rebooting and clearing the cache is no help.

The reason behind “unsafe” content error is that your WhatsApp has detected an issue with the video that may cause serious issues for your phone. In an effort to protect its users, there is no way to download or play such videos after the error. It boils up one’s blood when the video it is in real, safe and perfect to watch.

WhatsApp advice its users that if you are experiencing this problem, replicate the issue and send logs.

One quick solution is to resend the particular video but there is a high chance that you will see the same popup message again (not retrying but uploading the video once again). Also sending video second time eats up your internet usage especially if your Internet package is limited.

How to Send Your Error’s Log to WhatsApp

Launch WhatsApp from your phone and go to Menu Button at upper right corner
Go to Settings > About and Help > Contact Us

Now write a description of the issue into the description field or upload screenshots of this error.

Now Select Next’ and Tap the options that say ‘this does not answer my question’ at the bottom.

Select ‘Send the email’.

These steps will automatically generate a log file as an email attachment.

Note: WhatsApp admits it is unlikely that you will be able to download or play these videos, but logs will help them investigate whether these videos are being properly detected and maybe they fix this bug in their next update.

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BEST GUIDE: This video was removed from your phone because it contained unsafe content

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