FIX: “This Platform is Not Supported” Error Message While Installing Intel® Serial IO Driver

In most cases, installing the Intel® Serial IO driver goes smoothly and turns out to be a success. However, in many cases, things can go wrong and the installation can fail, and when it does, the user is met with an error message. The most common error message that users receive when the Intel® Serial IO driver installation fails reads:

“The setup program ended prematurely because of the following error: This platform is not supported.”

Any Windows user who reads this error message is going to think one thing – they’re computer is not supported by the Intel® Serial IO driver installer, which is why the installation failed. However, that isn’t always the case. In fact, in many cases, users receive this error message when trying to install the Intel® Serial IO driver because I2C, a component that is integral to the successful installation of the Intel® Serial IO driver, is not enabled in BIOS.


To enable I2C in an affected computer’s BIOS so that you can get rid of this error message and be able to install the Intel® Serial IO driver successfully, you need to:

Shut down the computer and, when it has been shut down, start it back up.

At the very first screen that the computer displays at startup, press the key that is going to take you into its BIOS (the F2 key, for example). In the case of almost every single computer, the key that needs to be pressed can be found on the first screen the computer displays at startup.

Once you are in the BIOS, navigate to Advanced > Devices > Onboard Devices.

In the Legacy Device Configuration pane, set Pins 13/14 to I2C0_SCL/I2C0_SDA and Pins 15/16 to I2C1_SCL/I2C1_SDA.

Save the changes you have made and exit the computer’s BIOS. In most cases, this is done by pressing F10 and confirming the action, but more precise instructions for a specific computer can be found within its BIOS.

Boot the computer up. As soon as the computer has started up, run the Intel® Serial IO driver installer, and the driver should be installed successfully.

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FIX: “This Platform is Not Supported” Error Message While Installing Intel® Serial IO Driver

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