Things Look Positive as Gears 5 DLC Gets Mined on Steam

Gears 5 DLC Leaked Once Again?

A Gears 5 DLC might be on its way. A Twitter user Terry was able to spot Gears 5 DLC in SteamDB’s Real-time tracker. The File was uploaded to Steam on September 3 and clearly mentions “Gears 5 – DLC”. Surprisingly, the history of the file upload still hasn’t been removed, and If you can scroll all the way down to September 3rd. You’ll see Gears 5 – DLC Uploaded.

Realtime Steam Data

This is the second time, we have had a promising Gears 5 DLC leak. A few months ago, Microsoft Game Stack uploaded a video about The Coalition, developers of Gears 5. In that video, Gears 5 fans spotted the HiveBusters Squad in a new cutscene, that wasn’t part of the game. Everything indicated to a DLC, but at that point, it was just a rumor. You can see the cut-scene at 2:12 In the footage below.

Everything looks positive, but there is a slight possibility that this file uploaded had something to do with the Ultra-HD Texture Pack. Maybe, this file brought some updates to the year-old DLC. Secondly, the Ultra-HD DLC was also released in September, and the new one being released a year later kind of makes sense.

Gears of War 5 DLC has always made it to discussions because the game always felt really short. A Story DLC could expand on the Gears Universe and might make its way to next-gen consoles. Everything makes sense, except that no DLC as of yet has been announced. The last What’s Up Gears 5 Blog was also published on September 3, and It did not mention any upcoming DLC’s.


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