The World’s First 1TB eUFS Chip is Here, Might Power the Upcoming Galaxy S10

Has Samsung introduced the new chip for its S10?

There was a time when 1GB of internal storage in a smartphone was considered to be a lot. But now Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 has an internal storage of 512 GB. The Korean giant has gone one step further and has created a 1 terabyte embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) chip for smartphones. With the creation of these eUFS, the internal storage capacities of a smartphone will match those of a laptop.

Samsung’s 1TB Storage Chip

Samsung in a press release said that the new chip will play a vital role to bring notebook experience to its users. Users of Samsung now won’t have to attach any additional memory cards to their phones for 1TB of storage. The company believes that the new development will help accelerate the growth of the global smartphone market in the future.

Mass production of the chip has already begun with the reading speed of the chip is at 1,000 Mbps. The speed is almost double to the 512GB internal storage chip that the company released previously. Samsung also said that the chip size of the new 1TB storage chip will be the same as that of the 512 GB chip size. Thus there will be no need for bigger smartphones in order to accommodate this new storage chip.

Samsung’s New Storage Chip is for Galaxy S10?

Whenever there is a new smartphone coming up there are a lot of speculations around its features. But with the arrival of this storage chip, there are a lot of rumors that the chip has been designed specifically by Samsung to incorporate it in its upcoming flagship product, the Galaxy S10. Samsung on the other hand has given no official word regarding which phones will have this new 1TB chip.

The company has only said that the chips will be used in its upcoming flagship smartphones. This suggests that Galaxy S10 will be the one with a max storage of 1TB, given the S9 maxed out at 512 GB.

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